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About me and the meaning of site

Hi and welcome to my web site on-line profit.
First, I want to introduce myself and then explain why I do this and why it can help you.
I live with my family in Croatia, a country in the European Union (EU). I was born 1971, father of two children, Simona (daughter, 2003.) and Rafael (son, 2010.), which I am raising together with my wife Danijela (1977.)



My formal education: Master of Mechanical Engineering with a lot of certificates and passed professional and state exams. I say that all this was insufficient to realize my dreams. From the work of the worker to the factory manager and ultimately as a high school teacher. I was equally valued and limited in my income and thus no fulfilling my goals (dreams).

So helpless, limited by formal education, I realized that much more success persones are without it, especially in the value system in the country where I live. I had to become less dependent on the system and other people. I was looking for any opportunity for my formal knowledge with new knowledges can be evaluated and use. I wanted a car, own apartment. Mercedes, then the BMW (simultaneously own of more BMW cars). In my area of Europe Union it is difficult to live from formal education. Such a car and apartment is considered a success, but in fact very obliged and unhappy.

This site is just one of my projects. Need for the sense, one of the possible ways to achieve the goals.
Stay on the formal education is the main brake of success.



Why help? How to help yourself if you do not help others? This project is bussines project for you and for me. The individual is lonely and helpless. Together we can achieve more.

I can not tolerate this reversed value system that is governed all over the world, specially in Croatia. This is my voice against sistem. I want to help you and me to become together as independent as possible of the government and the administration of individuals (hungry incompetent bureaucrats and their taxes). Yes, I want to help and allow you extra earnings. Earnings on this ways can be further increased in exchange offices or spent on goods over the Internet and avoiding taxes.


This page has the goal to help you live this precious life, help you achieve your goals. We can do this together if we want freedom and be fairly valued. If you a lazy or you do not want to achieve more, this site is not for you. But, consider, you worth more. We need use only knowledge, physical work is reduced to a minimum.

If you ever need help or have any questions, feel free to leave them and I´ll be more than happy to help you.

All the best,

Dalibor Adamovic

  • I'm a Leader. Leadership, Menagement BT, Graz, Austria

  • I'm a Quality system auditor., SKLAD Consultation

  • I'm a Safety and fire protection Specialist. State exams.

  • I'm a Andragog for adult education, etc. ...

  • I'm a Master degree mechanical engineer

  • I'm a Specialist for occupational safety

  • I'm a Teacher in high school

  • I'm a Founder and owner of management and consulting company

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