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Knowledge is most important
It provides an understanding and a means to achieve goal

The most important: not to skip steps! That would be a mistake.
Forget about the achievements of formal education, they are irrelevant for to journey with success. Replace bla bla faith with I want, I can do it, I will do it.
There are no religions, no nationalism, no racism, no sports and other addictions, only me and I can do that. (not to skip steps!)
1. To understand what we want, need to know and understand the environment that surrounds us. The view of the situation in the World is the foundation from which we can find meaning, our possibilities and where we want to be in the future.
At the end of the video is the answers: Why formal education can be so irrelevant? Why is one dollar so big? Why the movement of people and goods must be reduced? ... (bussines education)
2. What hinders success? Formal education may be the main brake of success. Knowing how to archive stuff in economs is not the same as knowing how to create value. Few experts are able to say: man is a problem, not plastic. Plastic did not throw itself into forests or the sea. People did it. Today we learns to give and take, not create. Formal education are training to serve the system, not create freedom. Poorly educated humanists created this inhumane society​, The reverse value system. Pension in that system has no our control and is completely uncertain.
3. What makes sense, why cryptocurrencies. Differences between Bitcoin and state fiat currencies. Why bitcoin is digital gold and why its value constantly growing.
Creative thinking, how to secure pension (retirement payments), choosing a profitable investment, investing in your own future, investing in freedom.
The distribution of money to poor people, army and who not want to work is a characteristic of the communist system. Social peace is maintained on the principles of communism in rule on the World (Virus is welcomed the reason for every problem, maybe global project, big scam) 
We have two Worlds, real and virtual. Almost all live in a virtual world with a virtual state-currency that is produced for division (all real value ends to the rich. Incompetent man will give everything to the rich man).
4. The kind of peoples:
Social peace is the reason for distribute new money. No matter how much and to whom, all value go to the rich people. High taxes will be more high, they are maintain social peace (
give to incapables, big lie ˝humanist˝ product).
You just need to pick up that money and turn it into a stable currency. Meaning to increase its value, ensure financial independence and freedom to your family. Good luck!

Cash flow is what you need to do first (meaning of earnings)

Remember, you learn from your mistakes. This training makes sense to reduce learning path and speeding up the success process.

Every successful man has had a similar journey, yet specific areas need to be separated. You need to find yourself, the area where you feel more happy (meaning of life):

      Property management - Real estate trading                           Cryptocurrency Trading & Mining


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